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Welcome to KREIDER plant site

    KREIDER plant is manufacturing carbonate fillers based on natural chalk to be used for producing a wide range of composite materials.

We are engaged in mining, processing and selling fine-dispersed chalk to Russian and foreign manufacturers of plastic panels and tubes, siding, rigid PVC articles, cables, paints and varnishes, rubber and building mixtures.

Together with MICRON PROCES (Spain) we have developed a chalk processing technique which allows us to turn out uniformly high quality products. In February 2008 we launched a totally automated production line, so KREIDER plant today is one of the most advanced plants in Russia producing high-grade carbonate fillers.

Raw materials. KREIDER plant is extracting chalk by open-pit mining method in the immediate vicinity of the production premises and takes every step to maintain the raw material natural purity during the processing stage. High percentage (98-99%) of non-crystalline (amorphous) СаСО3 in Sheino deposit accounts for non-abrasive nature of our mineral fillers.


Our main business activity consists in manufacturing fine-dispersed hydrophobic chalk. Our product’s technological range meets the European classification of carbonate fillers and comes under KREIDER® trade mark.


The company produces chalk in the centre of Russia’s industrial area which enables us to deliver our goods to all the Russian regions and also abroad by truck and railway with the least possible transport costs.



High natural dispersity of the raw materialmakes it possible to obtain MK-60 and MK-60T grade chalk with an average particle size of 2μm using a single-stageimpactor.


Damp grinding of the naturally occurring chalk in a vertical bead mill yields less than 0.8 μm particle size (grade МК-90, МК-90Т) on the second grinding stage.


KREIDER plant uses closed processing techniques for natural chalk in carbonate filler production, which prevents any eventual product contamination and ensures the highest possible goods purity.


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